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Scroll Compressors Oil free Air compressor

Energy Saving Operation Hygiene & Safety Productivity & Profitability
Optimised Power Consumption
Workplace Compressor
100 % Oil free air
Ensures ZERO oil Contaminations
No oil related product rejection
No oil related process breakdown

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Anything else is compromise
Air cooled oil free air compressor

CMF Technology Air Compressor
Critical maintenance free ( CMF ) technology is the only of its kind in the world which gives you a combination of 100 % oil free air, continuous & heavy duty running & No risk seizure. As a patened technology of anest Iwata, Japan. it brings in :

Heavy duty operation
100% oil free air

Our unique Seizure Free technology ensures that the compressors can withstand continuous use under high temperature ( 300°C ) & possess high resistance in extream environments. A heat resistant & thermosetting composite resin has replaced the conventional rider ring technology, which used give inconsistant operation and often result in seizure.
Air Compressors With Seizure Free technology

Japanese ingenuity. Indian Passion
Air Compressors With Quadra Edge Technology
Air cooled lubricated air compressor

Quadra Edge Technology
Quadra edge technology is new generation design of Anest Iwata Corp. Japan, that results in 4 clear advantages for you:

Enhanced Air Output
Low Vibration
Low Noise
Low Oil

This is Further Enhanced by :

A Rugged cast iron design, ideal for heavy-duty & continuous operation.

Quick and easy installation.


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